Graphene rubber: British-based Dassi Bikes unveiled the world’s first bike made with graphene

British-based Dassi Bikes unveiled the world’s first bike made with graphene last night at their headquarters in Hampshire.



Weighing in at just 750g for a frame and with engineers predicting that sub 400g frames could be achievable. Graphene could be about to cause a frame revolution. Three hundred times stronger than steel, more expensive than gold and with electro-conductive properties, the material holds potential technological advances that has the bike industry eager to discover more.

The Dassi frame contains 1% graphene throughout six layers underneath the carbon surface layer. As Dassi custom builds client’s frames, at the end of this year CEO Stuart Abbot will offer a test frame that collects data points from any cyclist giving Dassi’s frame-builders unparalleled insight in to how to construct the optimal custom graphene bike.

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms in a planar hexagonal lattice It’s transparent, extremely light and can filter water particles. Dassi plan to build components as well as frames using graphene and this initial build represents a huge milestone in the cycling industry.

BIKE filmed the graphene presentation and the pioneering technology will be available to see on the channel very soon. Stay tuned.

Born in the mind of a British aerospace design engineer Stuart Abbott, creating one machine at a time in Britain.

Currently focusing on a single road frame & TT frame design every Dassi bought is an experience and their research and development establishes them as pioneers in the cycling market.