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"Smaller things, better life" - We focus on research, development and applications of nanotechnology in real life

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About us

Applied nanotechnology joint stock company (ANTECH.,Jsc) focuses on research, development, and large scale production of nanomaterials, ultimate goal is to bring to real-life applications. We have an advanced nano material research center (ANLab) with a team of highly trained staff and well-educated experts in the field of nanotechnology.


– 2010: Established Nano Technology Technology Joint Stock Company.
– 2015: Advanced Materials Research Center (ANLab) was established.
– 2016: Successfully proclaimed industrial production of graphenenanoplates (GNPs) and registered for VNGRAPHENE trademark.
– 2016 – present: Bring to the market many graphene-based products such as: GNPs powders, GNPs in solvents, GNPs in aqueous solution, GNPs additives for rubber, composite and lead-acid battery, GNPs conductive ink, GNPs-containing engine oil, and GNPs lubricant.


Our motto is “Smaller things, better life”. Our goal is to bring the applications of nano technology into practical.