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Indistrial-grade Graphene Nanoplatelets Powder

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1. Specifications

Product code:              ANT-GNPs-160102

Appearance:                Black, grey powder

Packaging:                  50g, 100g, 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg

Bulk density (g/ml):     0.02 – 0.03

Diameter (µm):           10-20

C content (%,wt):        98 % min

Thickness (nm):           <15

Price:                           Contact (Hotline: +84-966.189.368


Made by Viet Nam

2. Applications

– Additives for rubber, plastic, composite

– Additives for lubricant

– Additives for batteries (lead acid battery, alkaline battery, Zinc-C battery, lithium-ion battery)

– Energy storage materials (Ultra-capacitor electrodes), active materials for

– Electrically conductive fillers for paste, glue and inks

– Thermally conductive films and coatings

– Oils and organic solvents absorption

– Additive for anti-corrosive coating

– Films or coatings for EMI shielding

– Substrate for chemical and biochemical sensors

– Barrier material for packaging

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39328 reviews for Indistrial-grade Graphene Nanoplatelets Powder