Graphene Product

Graphene dispersion in organic solvents

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1. Specifications

Product code:                        ANT-GNPs-170201

Appearance:                         Black, gray solution

Packaging:                           1 kg, 5 kg, 20g and 100 kg

                                             (plastic bottles or aluminum drum)

Solvents:                             NMP, DMF, DOP, Ethylene glycol…

Diameter (µm):                  10 – 20

Thickness (nm):                  < 10

Price:                                 Contact (Hotline: +84-966.189.368


Made by Viet Nam

2. Applications

– Lubricant agents for engine oils, grease, solid-dried lubricant

– Additives for rubber

– Additive for composite such as: polymer, plastics, cement, ceramic, alloy

– Substrate for modification of nanomaterials used adsorption, catalysis and solar cell

– Anti-corrosion coating 

– Conductive ink for speciality printing, 3D printing, electronic printing industry, and electronics device

– Additives for battery electrodes      

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28261 reviews for Graphene dispersion in organic solvents